DC Comics Universe & Action Comics #1010 Spoilers & Review: The Story Of Chaz The Arab Superman As Event Leviathan Looms?

DC Comics Universe and Action Comics #1010 Spoilers and Review follows.

The Story Of Chaz The Arab Superman…

…As Event Leviathan Looms?

The book opens with…

…Mr. Bones, head of the DEO, visited by Kate Spencer aka Manhunter.

My excitement for this development was burst quickly since…

…that was not Kate Spencer!

We then get a look at Superman’s Chaz identity and Lois’ Andi identity.

We learn the role Nemesis had to play in their ID’s…

…in an adventure involving Checkmate.

Chaz and Andi meet with their Spyral contact the Tiger…

…but they’re attacked and Chaz reveals himself as Superman! Tiger is stunned that Chaz has been Superman this whole time.

He defeats the threat and comes back to Tiger to find that Lois aka Andi has been kidnapped ovee the Superman revelation?

The Pulse:

A fun story of intrigue with references to characters and concepts I love like Manhunter, Nemesis and Checkmate. Solid art and intrigue, but a bit dark. 7 out of 10.

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