DC Comics Universe & Detective Comics #1002 Spoilers & Review: Batman & Robin Get Roped In As The Arkham Knight Is… Unmasked?!

DC Comics Universe and Detective Comics #1002 Spoilers and Review follows.

Batman and Robin Get Roped In As…

…The Arkham Knight Is Unmasked?!

The Arkham Knight and his Knights of the Sun have attacked Batman and Gotham City in broad daylight!

However, Batman has allies and I’m not talking about daytime Gotham hero the Signal, but…

…the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD). Arkham Knight retaliates, but…

…he and Batman call for a d├ętente due to all the collateral around them.

Later Robin continues the investigation in Aparo Bay (a nice nod to iconic and long-time Batman Jim Aparo).

Robin defeats the Knights of the Sun, but…

…is felled by the Arkham Knight himself who has an offer for him.

Robin escapes when the Arkham Knight leaves and seems to turn up in the midst of lair with Batman rogues gallery.

To convince Robin to join him the Arkham Knight unmasks?!

The Pulse:

Fast-paced, action-packed and emotional story with kick ass art. Great cliffhanger last page. 9 out of 10.

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