DC Comics Universe & Heroes In Crisis #8 Spoilers: Wally West The Flash Fans Will HATE This Issue! The Sanctuary Secrets Revealed!

DC Comics Universe and Heroes In Crisis #8 Spoilers follows.

Wally West The Flash Fans Will HATE This Issue!

The Sanctuary Secrets Revealed!

In addition to the late release of damning interior pages from the issue by DC, more details from the issue have leaked online and we’ve pulled them together to make sense of an issue that will anger many fans of Wally West The Flash. We’ve also tried to making sense of the convoluted parts of the story HERE.

Ok, here we go. Wally West the Flash was alone without his family and wanted to not be alone in Sanctuary…

…so he did an instant what a normal human would take a billion years to do…

…and it broke him and he lost control.

Yes, you read that right; Wally West The Flash…

…lost control and killed everyone. Apparently wielding the power of the Speed Force is a blessing and a curse.

Wally West the Flash also used Booster Gold’s time travel tech to go five days into the future to kill that future version of himself and bring him back into the past and used as a Sanctuary killer corpse.

Wally West the Flash uses Booster Gold’s future tech to convince Booster Gold and Harley Quinn that each other is the Sanctuary killer. He needed the five days to divert suspicion from himself and while Wally West the Flash appears dead, but he’s really alive which allows him to be the Sanctuary mole or deepthroat for Lois Lane.

To describe how they feel about this issue, many fans have dug up Black Canary’s confessional from Heroes in Crisis #4 earlier in this series.

Can DC Comics right this wrong in the final issue of this series in Heroes In Crisis #9?

Wow. Just wow.

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