DC Comics Universe & The Terrifics #15 Spoilers: DC Tackles God, Science & Gaming?

DC Comics Universe and The Terrifics #15 Spoilers follows.

DC Tackles God, Science and Gaming?

The team tackles a new serpentine threat, but all is not what it seems as the creature is hollow and they team gets a warning from a digital being.

Future solicitations may peg this herald as Pixel or she is working for Pixel.

Later, Mister Terrific continues to foster a relationship with his dead wife’s multiverse doppelgänger. She in turn is doing the same with Mister Terrific who is dead on her world. They have an “interesting” debate on God vs. science.

During that discussion, they are interested by more digital threats…

…that include biological threats too of the serpentine kind?

Ms. Terrific enters the fray…

…as the word God is bandied about more…

…equating the threats they’re facing to God? That’s a leap.

Next up is The Terrifics #16.

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