WWE Raw 4/30/19 – Seth and AJ Sign for MITB

Alexa comes out and announces Braun, Drew, Ricochet, and Corbin for MITB. Drew insults Ricochet and then everyone yammers on until we get a tag match. Corbin manages to make a match with Ricochet boring thanks to a long Corbinlock. Then Drew tags in and locks one in. Corbin tags himself in and eats a Braun powerslam and a Ricochet SSP to win it. The Usos destroy Gallows and Anderson before WWE buries the Revival by showing Dash shaving Dawson’s back in the shower.

Dash and Dawson talk about having body hair as REAL MEN and Dawson says that it is scientifically impossible for him to shave his back, so he asks his best friend to do so. Then the Usos make a bunch of gay jokes about them. Miz has Miz TV with Lashley where Lashley buries Miz for getting beaten up and then burying his dad. This leads to a match that Shane interrupts and then leads to Miz eating a spear by showing him a photo of his father. Shane then teams up with pro MMA fighter Bobby Lashley to land a ton of horrible shots to Miz before getting his terrible triangle choke.

The Viking Experience/Raiders/Warriors are here and get an inset promo and are officially the Viking Raiders and keep The Raid is On moniker. The Lucha House Party jumps them from behind and then get destroyed again with the Viking Experience. Alexa does another skit about the women’s MITB match before arguing with Naomi while Dana and Nattie just stand around. Bray’s Firefly Funhouse features goofy puppetry and painting with Bray showing a house burning a bit like the Orton skit a couple of years ago.

Alexa faces Naomi and loses to the She Calls It the Rear View and the split-legged moonsault. Rey and Dominik are backstage and talk about Rey needing to move ahead and proving himself against Joe tonight. Becky says she’s the Man and she has Charlotte’s number while Lacey is a plank. She brawls with Lacey. Ryder and Hawkins beat the Revival when Zack jaw smacks Dawson’s face and he crucifixes him to win.

Sami comes down and we get a Progressive video comparing insurance to Jimmy Hart. Sami says the fans are drunk with power and it’s time for him to take the power back from the fans. Joe vs. Rey starts off hot with a snap powerslam. Rey counters a uranage with a rollup and barely pins him. AJ and Seth sign the contract for MITB with AJ being a subtle beel and a brawl breaking out with AJ winning that one with a forearm through the table mid-ring.


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