DC Comics Universe & DCeased #1 Spoilers: What Ignites The Zombie Pandemic & Who Are The First Heroes To Be Infected?!

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DC Comics Universe and DCeased #1 Spoilers follows.

What Ignites The Zombie Pandemic and…

…Who Are The First Heroes To Be Infected?!

Darkseid was?

Looks like Cyborg, who has Apokolips tech inside of him, has been kidnapped by Desaad the torturer of Darkseid the ruler of the planet.

Darkseid has finally found the second part of his coveted Anti-Life Equation…

…in Cyborg! He also relieves Cyborg of his tongue so he doesn’t have to hear him anymore!

The work on Cyborg begins…

…including assistance from the Black Racer, Apokolips and the Fourth World New Gods’ harbinger of death!

However, the completed Anti-Life Equation is unstable and infects Darkseid too! Desaad and the Black Racer are immune, but seeing Darkseid’s agony, Desaad sends Patient Zero Cyborg away!

Darkseid is destroyed as is…

…the planet Apokolips!

A tongueless Cyborg was transported to Metropolis on Earth, Superman’s city, and…

…the Anti-Life Equation begins to spread through visual technology!

That leads to 600 million people being infected quickly and effectively becoming mindless zombies…

…including the first Robin Dick Grayson aka Nightwing and current Robin Damian Wayne, Batman’s son!

The book ends with Batman seemingly being infected!

Zombie Batman vs. Superman, anyone? THAT seems inevitable. Good thing this is an alternate reality (spoilers here).

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