Marvel Comics Universe & Savage Avengers Director’s Cut #1 Spoilers: What Extras Do Readers Get?

Marvel Comics Universe and Savage Avengers Director’s Cut #1 Spoilers follows.

What Extras Do Readers Get?

Well, first, you get the actual Savage #1 issue (full spoilers here); here’s the last page.

Then the extras begin with 6 of the variant covers art.

It sadly does NOT include this Mike McKone Venom-ized Secret Wars homage cover.

Anyhow, back to the extras. What follows the variant covers are the script first made to think its War of The Realms #1.

However, it’s really the full script for Savage Avengers #1; here’s the last page.

Then you get two script less / unlettered versions of the issue.

One version is just the pencils and inks; here’s the last page.

The second version is the colored pages; here’s the last page.

So, the 138 pages of the Savage Avengers #1 Director’s Cut essentially gives readers 4 versions of the book and 6 of its variant covers.

Next up is Savage Avengers #2.

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