Valiant Entertainment Comics Universe & Fallen World #1 Spoilers: How Integral Is Bloodshot To This Story & Will See Finally See Rai Vs. Bloodshot?


Valiant Entertainment Comics Universe and Fallen World #1 Spoilers follows.

How Integral Is Bloodshot To This Story and…

…Will See Finally See…

…Rai Vs. Bloodshot?

In the future, Bloodshot is his same raging self, but…

…consumed by a voice.

He follows that voice in his head to his seeming doom.

Elsewhere, the Eternal Warrior, Rai and others…

…find the being calling to Rai who also called to Bloodshot!

Bloodshot is not dead, but he is very different and has been corrupted! Looks like we will see Bloodshot vs Rai! Bloodshot is the villain of this mini-series after all?!

And, here’s a better look at future corrupted Bloodshot from a Fallen World #1 variant cover.

Next up is Fallen World #2.

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