The Super 7 Masters Of The Universe Snake Mountain Pre-Orders Are Now Open!

Super 7 has revealed their Snake Mountain, and it is massive. The playset features:

-Demon with moveable jaw
-Narrow bridge of red hot lava falls
-Functioning trap door
-Real chains to shackle Skeletor’s enemies
-Break-away wall secret entrance
-Skeletor’s table and bone throne
-Horrifying dungeon creatures

This impressive set surely comes with a hefty price tag of $600. There are a number of places that this can be ordered. Entertainment Earth seems like the best option, but they will bill you the entire amount when it ships. Super 7 Store does offer payment options, however a $100 non-refundable deposit is required. Big Bad Toy Store will also have them, but they are more expensive, and requires a $160 non-refundable deposit.

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