New WWE Wild Card Rule Changes From Three Superstars To Limited Number Switching Brands Ad Hoc? Who From Raw Will Show Up On Smackdown Live Tonight?

New WWE Wild Card Rule Changes From Three Superstars To Limited Number Switching Brands Ad Hoc?

WWE reports:

      Mr. McMahon’s new “Wild Card Rule” explained

      The latest wrinkle in the ongoing Superstar Shake-up emerged this Monday on Raw when Mr. McMahon announced a new “Wild Card Rule” in which a limited number of Superstars from Raw or SmackDown would be invited to cross brand lines for one-night-only appearances, with unauthorized jumps to be penalized by fines or even potential firing. The number of crossover Superstars was initially capped at three — WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns started things off by appearing on Raw this Monday — though Lars Sullivan evidently persuaded The Chairman to expand the limit to four.

      Superstars crossing between Raw and SmackDown LIVE has, of course, occurred on rare occasion since the 2016 Brand Extension, but the “Wild Card Rule” is the first officially-sanctioned blurring of the lines between Team Red and Team Blue Superstars. (The exceptions before tonight had been Becky Lynch, who holds both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Titles, and The IIconics, who are eligible to appear on all brands as the free-floating WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions).

      And although this isn’t to say we’re about to go back to the days of Raw SuperShows or do away with the Brand Extension, there are some staggering implications to the rule depending on who decides to take advantage of it: The main event of the Wild Card’s maiden voyage was Raw’s first true WWE Championship Match since 2016, and AJ Styles has already openly speculated about getting some friends from SmackDown LIVE to back him up against Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

      As always, it will take a while before the true impact of the “Wild Card Rule” is realized, but it’s sure to make things very, very interesting going forward. See which new matchups will be made possible by the “Wild Card Rule” by tuning in to Raw and SmackDown LIVE, Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7 C on USA Network.


So, who From Raw Will Show Up On Smackdown Live Tonight?

WWE preview’s tonight’s Smackdown Live:

      Which Raw Superstars will take advantage of the “Wild Card Rule?”

      Last night on Raw, Mr. McMahon dropped a bombshell by announcing the Wild Card Rule, which will allow no more than four Superstars from SmackDown LIVE to appear on Raw each week and four Raw Superstars on SmackDown LIVE, without facing any punishment.

      WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Lars Sullivan took advantage of the new precedent, with Bryan and Kingston squaring off for the WWE Title in the main event, Reigns clashing with Drew McIntyre in a WrestleMania rematch and Lars Sullivan demolishing No Way Jose and his conga line, then storming into Mr. McMahon’s office, prompting the expansion of the Wild Card Rule from three Superstars to four.

      Will any of the red brand’s stars take advantage of the new rule? Who could they mix it up with on the blue brand? Find out on SmackDown LIVE, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!

I’d like to see Robert Roode pop up tonight from Raw on Smackdown Live! You?

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