WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Introduces New Wild Card Rule That Upturns Brand Split & Recent Superstar Shake-Up For Raw & Smackdown Live?

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Introduces New Wild Card Rule That Upturns Brand Split and Recent Superstar Shake-Up For Raw and Smackdown Live?

WWE reports:

      WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns appeared on Raw; Mr. McMahon instituted a “Wild Card Rule”

      CINCINNATI — He did it. Roman Reigns showed up. After a full weekend of will-he-or-won’t-he speculation — complete with some passive aggressive @’s from The Big Dog to the official WWE Twitter account — the four-time World Champion did as he promised and appeared at the top of the show, smack in the middle of Mr. McMahon’s opening address to the WWE Universe. That would have been surprising enough, but The Big Dog didn’t come alone.

      Reigns — who admitted he came to Raw to rebuke the McMahon family by going where he was needed rather than where he was assigned — was quickly followed by WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan, who wasted no time rekindling their pre-WrestleMania hostilities. Luckily, their appearances led to an epiphany from The Chairman: A “Wild Card Rule” that allows three Superstars to make one-off appearances on the opposite brand they are assigned to. And since he had three SmackDown Superstars already, Mr. McMahon once again used their presences to his advantage by sanctioning two WrestleMania rematches: One between Reigns and Drew McIntyre (who appeared to puff his chest over the SmackDown ship-jumpers infringing on his turf) and a WWE Title bout between Kofi and Bryan. As The Chairman said, it’ll be a night to remember, and for all the chaos that unfolded, it seems like things couldn’t have gone any more according to plan.

Well, we had more than 3 Smackdown Live Superstars on Raw tonight as Elias joined Shane McMahon to interfere in Roman Reigns match. So the Wild Card Rule wasn’t event stuck at 3 Superstars on its first night!

On top of that a fifth Smackdown Live talent was showcased on Raw as Lars Sullivan destroyed No Way Jose.

Who will show up on this week’s Smackdown Live from Raw?

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