Blu-Ray Review – Mission Of Honor

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The good thing about the best stories of World War II being told already is that now the ones that have largely been ignored outside of history aficionados and scholars are getting made into films. The Eastern European pilots of the RAF that helped turn back the Nazis during the Battle of Britain now have their own film, Mission of Honor.

Simple premise. We follow the 303rd, which housed many Eastern European pilots who managed to find their way to Britain after their countries were run over by the Luftwaffe. As the Nazis concentrate their air power to trying to conquer England, the 303rd takes to the skies and kills Nazis.

This is a perfectly acceptable war movie that just lacks a final gear to turn it into something special. It’s good at times, with some genuinely special dog fighting moments, but it doesn’t have that next step that elevates it. Everything is good but there isn’t a time when it finds that next level.

There’s a brief Q&A as well as an onset piece with the cast.

Cinedigm presents Mission of Honor. Directed by David Blair. Written by Robert Ryan and Alastair Galbraith. Starring Iwan Rheon, Milo Gibson. Run Time: 107minutes Not rated . Released on DVD: 4.30.19