DC Comics Universe & Hawkman #12 Spoilers: Catar-Ol Of Krypton, Katar Hol Of Hawkworld & Hawkmen Team With Carter Hall Vs. The Deathbringers!

DC Comics Universe and Hawkman #12 Spoilers follows.

Catar-Ol Of Krypton, Katar Hol Of Hawkworld and Hawkmen…

…Team With Carter Hall Vs. The Deathbringers!

The book opens to Hawkman’s first incarnation as Ktar Deathbringer and Idamm who turns to be immortal…

…and in charge of the Deathbringers modern day assault on Earth!

Somehow, all of Hawkman’s past lives have been given life to health him deal with the current enormous Deathbringers threat including popular personas like Katar Hol and Catar-Ol.

In fact the Kryptonian Superman of a Hawkman plays a big role in this issue and, like Kal-El, has super-powers due to Earth’s yellow sun!

Catar-Ol literally tries to neutralize the threat by going inside the giant mechanized Deathbringer!

Carter Hall battles Idamm…

…forcing him to watch that Catar-Ol was successful in ending the threat!

Hall defeats Idamm and has him acknowledge his defeat which means the Deathbringers have new General!

They pledge allegiance to Hall as…

…he meets his first incarnation Ktar Deathbringer.

All the Hawkmen couldn’t stay around past the battle and get reabsorbed into Carter Hall the current Hawkman incarnation.

The book ends with Carter Hall visiting Idamm in anew DC prison for meta-humans called The Well where…

…he learns about his own future and an imminent threat; something called the Blood Campaign!

Next up is Hawkman #13 with the same writer, but a different artist…

…with the Hawkmen of War?!

A great series!

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