The Column: Top 10 Comic Book Moments Of 2019 So Far From Marvel & DC Comics (January – April 2019)

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Top 10 Moments

Welcome to The Column where I talk about the top 10 comic book moments that we have gotten from this year so far.

The first four months of this year has been a great one for comics with several amazing and universe shattering moments. It is worth noting that a lot of comics have increased in quality than they were before. I think that has been one of the best things that has happened considering the overall industry. This does not discount some terrible series that have been going around at the same time.

One more thing, this is only from the big two companies and this is my opinion as to what moments were actually monumental and were quite important. lets get into the list shall we?

10. Conan The Barbarian enters the Marvel Universe

Conan entered the marvel universe and got to interact with some major characters after a long time. I havent read much of him but i am quite interested in his entrance and look to see him be more expanded upon in savage avengers

9. Spider-Man Miles Morales makes a deal with Mephisto.

This conflict is the one that has made the current champions series a must read and something to keep an eye on. Miles Morales makes a deal with Mephisto after Mephisto surprisingly asks for nothing in return, This is definitely not going to end well

8. Amazing Spider-Man’s Aunt May has cancer.

While it may be morbid, aunt may having cancer could finally lead to a much needed conclusion o the OMD mess and i think that is reason enough to be cautiously excited about this story direction.

7. The start of a new excellent Daredevil Series.

The new Daredevil series has been quite excellent and i think it could be one of the definitive runs if it maintains the current quality

6. Old Man Logan meets Logan.

I had been waiting for this for a very long time and it was awesome. It was quite great to see these two versions of Logan interact and come to terms with the life they have both led

5. A New Guardians Team.

After a long time, the guardians get a much needed revamp and it has proved to be a revelation. The creative team of Cates and Shaw have made this series the one stop look into marvel cosmic and it is a pretty awesome one.

4. Doomsday Clock #9.

This whole issue was just amazing . It had the DC universe go up against Dr. Manhattan and end up being totally outmatched. The fact that it also mentions Wally West makes it even better. A perfect balm to current DC problems

3. Uncanny X-Men’s Scott Summers Returns.

The return of cyclops was expected but the way they did it made cyclops a lot better. He seems to be the one that is taking care of the mutants in a post x men world and has even reunited with the now not dead wolverine too

2. Batman’s Detective Comics #1000.

This historic issue is one to be celebrated. It deals with the history and the legacy of the Batman with some excellent stories as a whole.

1. Young Justice Returns

The return of this beloved super team has been a long time coming. While it was a slow wait, we have finally seen the core four reunited. While it is a quite great book , it does suffer from a lot of continuity problems

These are some of the most monumental stuff that happened in the marvel and dc universe over the first course of this year. It had the historic Detective 1000 also releasing during this period which made it one of the best moments. There was the much awaited return of the young justice team which I loved. There was also a lot of things that have been set up during these months. Things that will soon come into play in much larger conflicts which should be quite amazing to see

There were lots more awesome things which I couldn’t necessarily spotlight here but to each their own.

Let me know which moments you enjoyed during this period down in the comments

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