Raw 5/3/19 – MITB Go-Home Show

Miz TV starts off the show with a generic rundown of how amazing MITB is. Roman comes down and Miz talks about bringing a fight to Shane. Shane makes Miz and Roman against Lashley and Elias – truly a main event in any building in the world. Elias eats a beating until Shane pulls Roman off and then a brawl breaks out. Seth talks to some guy backstage and then Sami yammers with Shane about taking Braun out of MITB, but they will have a match for the spot. Mojo comes out all emo to face Apollo Crews. Mojo takes the knee out and cackles to dead slience and then beats him with an Alabama, or maybe it’s now an Alexandria Slam.

Alexa is backstage complaining about her gear being lost by the airline. Nikki Cross talks about taking her place and is now sane, for some reason. Becky does the double contract signing and calls both Charlotte and Lacey dopes and says that one can’t afford to lose her first shot and the other can’t risk losing her millionth. A brawl breaks out and the blondes double team Becky and then double powerbomb her through the table. Baron Corbin has a boring match with Ricochet, but does win with a cool counter of a move into the End of Days. A Roman remission video package airs to remind you to please cheer him. Nikki Cross wins the fatal four way over Naomi, Naomi, and Dana with a twist and shout off the ropes onto Nattie. Dana dives off the ladder onto the pile on the floor. Sami cuts a promo against the fans and Braun before Joe says he’ll take Rey and his kid out on Sunday. Cesaro faces Rey and Rey avoids the Swiss19 and then lands a snap Code Red for 2. Nasty uppercut from Cesaro leads to a Nautralizer that Rey turns into a rana into a 619 and a frog splash to win.

A creepy Bray video airs showing an even darker version of Bray, only with a weird clown-esque mask – so I guess he’s Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal now. Seth cuts a promo about MITB and then Sami runs away from Braun forever. Corbin comes into the concorse and beats up Braun with a trash can. Drew attacks Braun and that also gets 2. Braun throws Sami around the ladders before Drew and Corbin toss Braun through some ladders with a double suplex and Sami wins it.

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