DC Comics Universe & Justice League #24 Spoilers & Review: Superman MIA, Batman A Villain, Legion Of Doom As Heroes, New Lex Luthor Teased As March To Justice League #25 Continues!

DC Comics Universe and Justice League #24 Spoilers and Review follows.

Superman MIA, Batman A Villain, Legion Of Doom As Heroes, New Lex Luthor Teased…

…As March To Justice League #25 Continues!

In this alternate future, created by the World Forger, the Legion of Doom are heroes and on the run; they actually help the time-displaced Justice League to that team’s surprise.

We then get a tease from Thaal Sinestro of the Human-Martian hybrid that Lex Luthor becomes for DC’s Year of the Villain at the hands pf Perpetua; the Legion of Doom underestimated what he and she would do.

Lois Lane is the Legion of Doom jailer and she’s caught up to them with…

…the forces of her father-in-law Jor-El / Mr. Oz!

Elsewhere, the World Forger continues to entice Batman…

…revealing the reality altering Son Box to him! So we have Mother Boxes, a Father Box and a now a Son Box.

Returning to the battle, Sinestro reveals that Batman will be the Justice League’s enemy with his reality-altering armor!

The Justice League are ready to be rocketed to Batman and the World Forger, but before they go they acknowledge the heroes that were once the Legion of Doom…

…leading to some interesting farewells.

Legion of Doom become the Suicide Squad it seems on a suicide run against Lois Lane and Jor-El / Mr. Oz…

…as the Justice League are rocketed to the World Forger and the alternate future Justice League and…

…their modern day Batman in reality changing armor!

Next up is Justice League #25!

The Pulse:

An action-packed, epic-in-scope, and dynamical drawn issue; still a bit confusing in terms of the multiverse and reality changing stuff, but entertaining. 8 out of 10.

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