Marvel Comics Universe & Amazing Spider-Man #21 Spoilers & Review: Hunted Part 5 Sees Kraven The Hunter Win Or Get His Comeuppance? Plus The Lizard’s Painful Choice!


Marvel Comics Universe and Amazing Spider-Man #21 Spoilers and Review follows.

Hunted Part 5…

…Sees Kraven The Hunter…

…Win Or Get His Comeuppance?

Plus The Lizard’s Painful Choice!

The book opens with a storyline catch-up and creators’ credits page.

A black costume Spider-man is being swarmed by Vermin (plural), but…

…the elder Kraven the Hunter saves him?!

Kraven then imprisons him with Curt Conners the alter ego of the Lizard.

Despite Conners’ lizard son being a clone, it actually has the soul of his real son, who…

…died at the hands of the Lizard. The son know what he is now and is on the hunt by the junior Kraven the Hunter despite the Black Cat having his back.

Curt acks Spider-Man to remove a device from his body that is tied into his spine and nervous system; he thinks without its calming influences, he’d be able to track down his son using his unsuppressed lizard powers.

Luckily, the Lizard doesn’t die and…

…has a bead on his son is about to be filleted by the junior Kraven!

Next up is ASM #22 and the Hunted Part 6 finale.

The Pulse:

Stylized art with a story that includes more drama than action for a satisfying read. 8 out of 10.

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