The Column: Current State Of The Original Titans In The DC Comics Universe

The Original Titans

Let me welcome you to The Column where I talk and bitch about how DC Comics are mistreating the Titans

Something you need to know is that the entire concept of teen superhero teams all originate or exist due to the teen Titans team created by these members. Without them, it could have possibly led to a world with no teen Titans members like Starfire, no Runaways. It may exist but it would have taken on an entirely different notion.

This team was and will always be the gold standard for teams. The concept of this team is quite simple and the reason why it is quite beloved. They believe in family. Each and every successful teen Titans team have formed a ever lasting bond with one another. Something special.

When the teens eventually grew up, they became the Titans and somehow got even better. But the thing was every time they joined together, they always had great adventures but the series always ended in really bad moments.

The first series ended with Donna Troy dying. The second one ended with Red Arrow losing his daughter and Garth dying. By the time the New 52 rolled around, DC had the gall to make it seem like this team never existed and except dick, all of them were erased from existence. But due to fan demand, they eventually came back and we had them back for some quite Excellent arcs before they ended it and replaced it and eventually ended the series. This team then had to face even worse things than before .

Look down below will ya?

I don’t know what to think of steady and systemic destruction of the team but this is my favorite team in comics and I really hope that one day , they reform and save the world like always.

It is almost enough to wish they had just kept them erased from existence Hahaha.

There is a special Spark that always holds us together.”

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