Marvel Comics Universe & Avengers #19 Spoilers & Review: Important Pieces Of War Of The Realms Makes Sense Now Plus The Team Is Betrayed?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Avengers #19 Spoilers and Review follows.

Important Pieces Of War Of The Realms Makes Sense Now…

…Plus The Team Is Betrayed?!

The main cover is part of three connecting covers for Avengers #18, #19 and #20.

Here’s the black and white version.

The book opens with a storyline catch-up and creators’ credits page.

Then we’re in the thick of it as the Avengers fight to protect New York City during the War of the Realms!

Doctor Strange transports all the citizens of New York City to Avengers Mountain (basically the husk of an old Dark Celestial).

We then see the various teams of Avengers and Marvel heroes form that we see in War of the Realms and…

…the realization that Avengers Mountain is a HUGE target with the NYC citizens inside.

During the battle, Agents of Atlas OG stalwart Gorilla-Man joins the fray and in defending Avengers Mountain gets hurt; interestingly the Dark Celestial, whose husk is used as Avengers HQ, communicates with him!

The book ends with Gorilla-Man being revealed as a traitor serving the forces of Dracula! A story to be unravelled after the War of the Realms I imagine.

Next up is Avengers #20 as War of the Realms marches to a conclusion.

The Pulse:

Despite the perceived promise of this issue, we did not get the Winter Guard in any real way. This saddened me. I also am uninterested in this continuing Dracula arc, but the War of the Realms action was interesting, but nonsensical at times; why does Doctor Strange only protect the citizens of NYC when the whole world is being attacked? AMAZING art though, but can’t pull this book out of the fryer. 6 out of 10.

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