18″ Ultimate King Kong Of Skull Island Action Figure From Mezco Toyz


Mezco Toyz has released in the info & pricing for their upcoming Ultimate King Kong figure.

King Kong, the ruler of Skull Island who terrorized 1930’s New York is set to reign over the world of collectibles.

Immense in detail and size, this king-size Kong stands at a towering 18” tall. He comes complete with 3 interchangeable head portraits, each showcasing a different expression, and 4 interchangeable hands.

Featuring 10 points of articulation, the ruler of Skull Island can create a thrilling array of dynamic and defiant poses.

· Imposing 18” height

· 10 points of articulation

· Three (3) interchangeable head portraits

· Four (4) interchangeable hands

o One pair of fists (L & R)

o One pair of posing hands (L & R)

The Ultimate King Kong of Skull Island figure comes packaged in a collector-friendly box, perfect for display. But unlike the legendary wall of Skull Island, it may not contain him for very long…

Ultimate King Kong can be pre-ordered right from Mezco or Entertainment Earth.

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