Super 7 Announces Licensing Deal To Make 70th Anniversary Peanuts Action Figures

Peanuts & Super 7 are joining forces to create a 70th Anniversary line of figures. There is no set line-ups or images, but it looks like Super 7 will start releasing them in 2020.

Super 7 isn’t the only company jumping on to create 70th Anniversary Peanuts. Check out the Press Release below for more details.

Peanuts Worldwide has inked deals with four new licensees in the toys and collectables vertical.

The partnerships include agreements with Kahootz Toys (Colorforms), Mondo (art prints), Squishable (plush) and Super7 (toys). Each of the deals comes ahead of Peanuts’ upcoming 70th anniversary in 2020.

“Expanding our presence in the collectible aisle is an important part of our 70th anniversary strategy,” says Lindsay Martinez, vice president, hardlines and partnerships, Peanuts Worldwide. “Kahootz Toys, Mondo, Squishable and Super7 are leaders in the toy and collectible business, with high quality product that we feel will resonate with lifelong fans, as well as kids.”

Peanuts has been developing several opportunities in the lead-up to its 70th birthday. The brand, made popular by cartoonist Charles Shulz, recently held a series of events in Houston that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 10 launch.

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