DC Comics Universe & Superman: Leviathan Rising Special #1 Spoilers: Leviathan Strikes As The New World Takes Shape As Event Leviathan Looms!

DC Comics Universe and Superman: Leviathan Rising Special #1 Spoilers follows.

Leviathan Strikes As The New World Takes Shape As Event Leviathan Looms!

Leone, owner of the Daily Planet, head of the Invisible Mafia who has aligned herself another villain, Daily Planet Reporter Robinson Goode aka Red Cloud, is approached by a stranger.

It is a disguised Leviathan.

He won’t destroy her or the Invisible Mafia, but he wants her advice about how to take out Superman.

She mentions to him that Superman is an individual and alone in reality on Earth.

Leviathan thinks that Lois Lane might be soft target that can be exploited to take out Superman; Leone notes she’s dangerous as is her dad General Sam Lane.

That seems to put Leviathan in the path of Clark Kent instead, but we don’t catch the end of his discussion with Leone.

Regardless, Clark Kent is kidnapped…

…but by Leviathan’s former leader Talia Al Ghul.

She wants Superman to come to try to free Clark Kent; she then has as Kryptonite vest put on him to weaken Superman when he tries to save Clark Kent. Clearly, Talia doesn’t know they’re the same person.

Talia prophesizes that age of heroes will be replaces by the rise of Leviathan.

Elsewhere, Lois Lane knows something is wrong as Clark is MIA. She calls in Batman and Wonder Woman…

…who deduce Clark Kent let himself get kidnapped for a story and then something went wrong.

In an interesting turn, Leviathan frees Clark Kent; so Talia Al Ghul was a bit rogue with the kidnapping event.

Firestorm, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Red Lantern Dex-Starr than find Superman and are ready to break him out.

Elsewhere, Leviathan confronts Talia Al Ghul; she’s still smarting that he took over her organization and even adopted its name as his own nom du guerre.

He’s done with her…

…but Superman save her. She won’t spill the beans on Leviathan and he takes her to jail.

Elsewhere, Leone and Red Cloud’s partnership deepens in the Invisible Mafia…

…while Supergirl’s adopted parents, DEO agents, appear to have been taken out by Leviathan too?! Nice cameo by Kate Spencer Manhunter too.

Lois Lane and Clark Kent may be using their journalism to expose Leviathan as Event Leviathan begins in a few weeks!

Oh, and Jimmy Olsen got married in a drunken stupor to a Catwoman wannabe named Jix?!

An annulment is mentioned by Jix. Naturally. Eh.

Ok, on to Event Leviathan #1 (of 6).

Well, considering Superman is not accidentally kidnapped, it’s not clear why Event Leviathan feels like a Batman event from DC Comic’s lead Superman writer.

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