Marvel Comics Universe & Uncanny X-Men #19 Spoilers & Review: New Black King Emma Frost Strikes On Road To House Of X / Powers Of X Reboot! Plus No More X-Men? (Legacy #641)


Marvel Comics Universe and Uncanny X-Men #19 Spoilers and Review follows.

New Black King Emma Frost Strikes On Road To House Of X / Powers Of X Reboot!

No More X-Men? (Legacy #641)

The book opens with a storyline catch-up and creators’ credits page.

Then we see what happened to Emma Frost over the last months…

…as she assumed head of the Hellfire Club as the Black King not Black Queen.

The Hellfire Club is attacked by the military and the New Mutants with Douglock / Warlock tech, but the New Mutants aren’t in control and there is a cry whisper for help by them to Frost.

In fact, Emma Frost and presumably the Hellfire Club are taken down by a big, honk’n Sentinel!

She’s imprisoned and…

…learns the X-Men are No More! Plus she’s allowed to leave since the General believes he has a way to keep tabs on and even control her.

The book begins to end with the General decimating one of Emma Frost’s team to prove she’s helpless.

She laments invisibly to Cyclops her former lover, but…

…actually speaks to Wolverine.

Or was this all implanted memories? Anyhow, book ends with Wolverine and Nothing confronting Emma Frost and the Hellfire Club also planning to take down the General.

Here’s a look at next issue, but…

…the series appears to end with Uncanny X-Men #22 (below).

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