DC Comics Universe & Event Leviathan #1 Spoilers & Review: Who Is Leviathan? Batman Plus Superman & Wonder Woman Proxies Sort Out The Threat?!

DC Comics Universe and Event Leviathan #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Who Is Leviathan?

Batman Plus Superman and Wonder Woman Proxies Sort Out The Threat?!

Kobra, Task Force X, ARGUS, Spyral and the DEO have fallen to the new Leviathan.

Batman and Superman’s wife Lois Lane surprise each other at a building that Leviathan has destroyed.

In the rumble Wonder Woman’s boyfriend Steve Trevor is found; they are in Coast City and Leviathan has destroyed an ARGUS complex.

He believes Batman thinks Lois Lane is Leviathan.

Trevor is in a craze and trusts no one; he is subdued by Green Arrow.

They decide they need the world’s greatest detectives to get ahead of Leviathan…

…with the Question already having snuck up on them.

The book ends with Dr. Strand of ARGUS, presumably kidnapped with the complex was destroyed, being…

…recruited by Leviathan himself / herself?

The book ends with the creator’s credits.

The Pulse:

Awesome art that suits the dark tone of the story, but no real action and lots of talking in this debut issue. Classic example of destructed storytelling. 5 out of 10.

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