The Column: Is Marvel Comics Leading To A Mephisto Focused Event?

“A Devil’s wish

Welcome to the column where I talk and predict something that may happen soon in the Marvel Comics universe.

MEPHISTO, I would like to believe every marvel comics fan has heard of him. The demon of the Marvel universe. The devil that haunts their dreams.

Mephisto is best remembered as the catalyst for the worst Marvel story of all time, One More Day. Mephisto was used as a plot device to remove the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson from continuity.

Ever since then, a lot of us fans have been waiting for that inevitable Spider-man vs. Mephisto showdown which never seemed to be coming. But something seems to have changed in recent times; Mephisto is becoming a much bigger player across the entire marvel universe as a whole.

Current scenario

After the events of Damnation, Mephisto was utterly defeated and imprisoned, while his escape was never shown, he has been making a lot of moves in different corners of the marvel universe.

Mephisto’s moves.

Mephisto has appeared in Deadpool with an evil smirk indicating a larger conflict with the mercenary.

Mephisto has made some of his biggest power moves in Doctor Strange and Avengers. In Doctor Strange, he made sure that Galactus came under his thrall by manipulating Dormammu. Over in Avengers, he brought back Phil Coulson and was revealed as the person behind the creation of the Squadron Supreme of America.

Now let’s move into the devils obsession with web slinging heroes.

He has manipulated a young miles Morales into making a deal with the devil and it does seem like he is not done with him yet.

He has also been watching over Otto Octavius and his laughable attempts to be the Superior Spider-man.

Over in Amazing and Friendly series, he has yet in make a physical appearance, but his influence has been looming and present since the start of both titles. Both titles began with the reversing of some of Mephisto’s actions while also referencing the devil multiple times. Don’t tell me that the reunion of Peter and MJ plus Aunt May’s cancer are not connected. It can’t be a coincidence in my opinion.


Too many appearances like those shown above can be part of a larger plan or it could be a large coincidence. I think having Mephisto be the major antagonist for an event would be awesome and it would be simply amazing if Spider-man was a focal point of this conflict.

I would, rest assured, be very content seeing Peter Parker beat up Mephisto a few times.

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