DC Comics Universe & Wonder Woman #73 Spoilers & Review: March To Milestone WW #75 Includes Hippolyta Vs. Hippolyta With The Return Of The Amazons Imminent?!

DC Comics Universe and Wonder Woman #73 Spoilers and Review follows.

March To Milestone WW #75 Includes Hippolyta Vs. Hippolyta With…

…The Return Of The Amazons Imminent?!

Dimension Chi is where Hippolyta’s double resides where the alternate of her decisions in the real world play out. Where Wonder Woman’s Amazon Queen valued motherhood and her people, the Hippolyta abandoned the notion of motherhood for power. DC Rebirth’s Hippolyta is a raven haired Queen of the Amazons while her Dimension Chi counterpart is a blonde Empress.

Wonder Woman regales her allies the broken realms with a story of her capture as a child, the contest between the two Hippolyta and a shared battle with a rival; in the end they saw more eye-to-eye than at the beginning of the adventure.

They arrive at their destination and Wonder Woman believes that the place they’re now at should have disappeared with the Amazon, but since it hasn’t her people and mother can’t be far behind.

This was an interesting story with a bit of a nod to the past as the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Hippolyta was blonde…

…while her post COIE was raven haired.

The Pulse:

An interesting breather of a story with a compelling yarn and great art. 8 out of 10.

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