Arn Anderson Clarifies WWE Status & Views On AEW!

Arn Anderson Clarifies WWE Status and Views On AEW!

Arn Anderson spoke to the Two Man Power Trip about his current status:

      I was there doing some signings and I did a stage show that I did with Tony Schiavone and I didn’t go to the show [AEW Double or Nothing PPV] because I didn’t want anybody coming up because make no mistake about it, I do not work for AEW, we haven’t had that discussion as of yet. And not to say I wouldn’t be honoured somewhere down the road to be offered a position with those guys.

      We just haven’t had that conversation because, quite frankly, I am legally bound to a non-disclosure agreement and for a few more months I am going to be still on a severance package. I can’t talk to anybody about anything as far as going forward, but with that being said I was so excited for them that I might as well have been working for them because I was pulling for them every step of the way and they paid it off.

Anderson was released by WWE in February 2019. This interview happened around the time of AEW Double or Nothing making it 4 months after his release. That goes well beyond 3 month non-compete clause.

How long has WWE paid for Arn Anderson to be on the shelf? It is not known when his severance agreement with WWE ends allowing him to speak with competitors. However, he does other interesting irons in the fire so to speak.

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