Pull List Roundtable 7/10/2019 – Black Hammer/JLA, Star Wars (New Creative Team!), Second Coming #1 & More!


James Fulton

It’s a smaller week again, which is great. I’m looking forward to getting:

Black Hammer/Justice League (this should be different), Criminal, Fallen World, Gogor, Miles Morales: Spider-man, Oblivion Song, Outer Darkness (my favourite!), and Star Wars (first issue with a new creative team!).

Mike Maillaro

  • Second Coming #1 – Second Coming was originally supposed to come out from DC, but they dropped it like a hot potato and now Ahoy Comics is publishing it. It’s about Jesus coming back to a modern world to find his place has been taken by superheroes. The controversy around this book will probably help it sell far more than it would have before it was cancelled before being released. I certainly am going to give it a look. This will be the first book I ever buy from Ahoy Comics actually…
  • Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice #1 – I have no idea how well you can blend Black Hammer and Justice League, but I love crossovers, and this sounds like a real fun comic! Never knew I wanted it, but damn am I excited that it exists.
  • Batman Universe #1 – Bendis’s stories from the Batman 100-Page Giants that were previously only available at Walmart. Bendis should be a solid fit for Batman, so I have been curious about these stories. I ended up putting all the formerly Walmart-only stories on my pull list.
  • Marvel Action Black Panther #2 – This book was supposed to come out back in February. I think it’s a bad move to have books available for young readers with this long between issues. My son has basically forgotten this book exists at this point. He really enjoys the IDW Marvel books, but if IDW doesn’t care enough to maintain a steady release calendar, it makes me feel disinterested in making room on my pull list for them.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #25 – $8?? For a fairly BS anniversary issue?? Amazing has relaunched so many times, having a 25th issue is completely arbitrary. I enjoy Spencer’s Spider-Man, but this is just an absurd release.
  • Giant Size X-Statix #1 – I LOVE X-STATIX!! It’s about damn time Milligan and Allred give us some more X-Statix. I hope this book does really well and we get more of these characters. I would love to see that as part of Marvel’s attempts at revitalizing the X-Men line.
  • Star Wars Age Of Resistance Captain Phasma #1 – STOP TRYING TO MAKE PHASMA A THING! Her books and comics were so god awful boring. She has a great look, and the actress is talented and popular from Game of Thrones. That is literally the only thing this character has to offer. If I never see her name on the cover of a book or comic ever again, I would be one happy Star Wars fan.
  • Oberon #5
  • Orphan Age #4
  • Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #21
  • Batman #74
  • Batman And The Outsiders #3
  • Catwoman #13
  • Detective Comics #1007
  • Event Leviathan #2 (Of 6)
  • Flash #74
  • Hawkman #14
  • Justice League Odyssey #11
  • Naomi #6
  • Red Hood Outlaw #36
  • Supergirl #32
  • Superman #13
  • Wonder Twins #6 (Of 12)
  • Wonder Woman #74
  • Young Justice #7
  • Bitter Root Red Summer Special #1
  • Age Of X-Man Apocalypse And The X-Tracts #5 (Of 5)
  • Avengers #21
  • Black Cat #2
  • Champions #7
  • Invisible Woman #1 (Of 5)
  • Ironheart #8
  • Miles Morales Spider-Man #8
  • Savage Sword Of Conan #7
  • Secret Warps Weapon Hex Annual #1
  • Star Wars #68
  • Symbiote Spider-Man #4 (Of 5)
  • Thor #15
  • War Of The Realms Omega #1
  • Wolverine And Captain America Weapon Plus #1
  • Fallen World #3 (Of 5)

John Babos

11 books this week

  • Avengers #21
  • Detective Comics #1007
  • Event Leviathan #2
  • Fallen World #3
  • Hawkman #14
  • Justice League Odyssey #11
  • Supergirl #32
  • Superman #13
  • Wonder Twins #6
  • Young Justice #7


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