Marvel Comics Universe & House Of X #1 Spoilers & Review: EVERYTHING Changes, Literally, But Who Is Really Behind It All?! Plus Cracking The Code!

Marvel Comics Universe and House Of X #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

EVERYTHING Changes, Literally, But…

…Who Is Really Behind It All?!

Plus Cracking The Code!

The helmeted man is Charles Xavier. He is behind a huge change in the world.

And, Krokoa and this vegetation has proliferated across the Earth and elsewhere like the moon where the X-Men planted its seeds. You can use it to travel as well as other things.

Xavier has an offer for the world; three miracle drugs for a piece of land and sanctuary.

Magneto is one of the international Ambassador for the mutant country of Krakoa.

There is also amnesty for mutants that can be furnished by its Ambassadors to mutants.

Not everyone is ok with that…

…Krakoa is accessible and adaptive.

The world just needs to except Charles Xavier’s offer…

…or else!

The new world order, context and what’s happened to this point are explained in eight of Xavier’s communiques and diplomatic dispatches to the world.

Book ends with Powers of X #1 to launch next week…

…and Marvel using the new mutant language as advertising.

The above reads “Next – It’s not a dream if it’s real“. The below reads “Then – The Curious case of Moira X.

Well, breaking the code with a cipher, provided, should be a fun exercise for readers weekly.


The Pulse:

A grand new status quo that is compelling and intriguing. Amazing art. Love the bonus narrative explaining what’s what. 9 out of 10.

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