DC Comics Universe & The Batman Who Laughs #7 Spoilers & Review: First Of Secret Six Unmasked! Five Of Six Revealed On Eve Of Batman / Superman #1! Joker & Harley Quinn Who Laughs?

DC Comics Universe and The Batman Who Laughs #7 Spoilers and Review follows.

First Of Secret Six Unmasked!

Five Of Six Revealed From Four Of Six Revealed On Eve Of Batman / Superman #1!

Joker and Harley Quinn Who Laughs?

The Batman Who Laughs has infected Batman with his toxin wanting Batman to be the first of his…

…infected Secret Six!

However, Batman has not fully turned leading to the Batman Who Laughs, seemingly as whip smart or close to it as “our” Bruce Wayne, to deduce what’s happened to an extent.

Alfred Pennyworth comes to Batman’s aid, but its not enough…

…it’s Batman who planned ahead…

…to defeat his dark multiverse Joker / Batman hybrid counterpart.

However, it would seem that Batman did need a little help from…

…the Joker to take down the Batman Who Laughs as elsewhere GCPD Commissioner Gordon and his serial killer son James Gordon Jr. took out the Grim Knight ally of the dark multiverse hybrid Joker / Batman.

The book ends with explanations of how Batman healed…

…or is healing, noting the Batman Who Laughs is imprisoned and…

…revealing Commissioner James Gordon as the first of the Secret Six!

Batman/Superman #1 lands in stores on August 28, 2019.

The Pulse:

A gritty issue that sets up the new Batman/Superman ongoing series and the mystery behind who are the Secret Six infected by the Batman who Laughs. Compelling story, but too much wordy dialogue and the dark, stylized interior art may well work for the story, but its not visually pleasing for me. The three covers, btw, did please my eyes particularly that Harley Quinn Who Laughs one. 6 out of 10 on the strength on the plot and variant covers.

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