DC Comics Universe, DC Black Label & Batman Last Knight On Earth #2 Spoilers & Review: Who Is Omega? Villain Behind The Torment Revealed?!

DC Comics Universe, DC Black Label and Batman Last Knight On Earth #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

Who Or What Is Omega?

Villain Behind The Torment Revealed?!

Scarecrow and Bane confront Alfred Pennyworth…

…despite his valiant efforts…

…Omega revealed himself in a fashion before Pennyworth dies.

Pivot several pages forward, Batman with Joker head in a jar, meet up with a frail and seemingly insane Lex Luthor who wants to bring back to life Superman; who he unintentionally killed? On the last part of the page we get a hint, perhaps, that Omega may be the Batman he and the Legion of Doom tried to create?

Later still, we have a breathtaking shot of all of DC Comics core superheroes who have died up until this point in this series’ continuity. Remember in the last issue, a modern day Bruce Wayne woke up in this future allegedly.

Wonder Woman then takes Batman and his Joker in a jar yo Gotham City that is rules by Omega; whose symbol is a cross between Darkseid’s omega symbol and the Batman bat silhouette.

They are immediately confronted by…

…the Court of Owls…

…and their leader Dick Grayson, Batman’s first Robin all grown up? Many fans had speculated he was Omega. Could he still be?

Next issue the finale for this series.

The Pulse:

A very trippy plot what weaves through the DC Universe and has readers still wondering if this is Batman on meds in Arkham Asylum in modern day instead of a post apocalyptic future. Readers are kept guessing, but intrigued by the various places and people we visit with. AMAZING art. Compelling mystery around who are what Omega is. 6 out of 10. I’d have rated this higher, but this story is way too trippy.

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