Marvel Comics Universe & Major X #0 Spoilers: Wolverine #154 & #155 In FULL With Deapool! Better Than A Preview!

Marvel Comics Universe and Major X #0 Spoilers follows.

Major X #0 includes reprints of two Rob Liefeld issues of Wolverine from 2000 that serve as a prequel to Major X. Wolverine #154 and #155 In FULL below!

Wolverine #154 (2000)

The interior pages in full.

Wolverine #155 (2000)

The interior pages in full.

So, no need for a preview; these are the actual pages from these 19 year old comic books. I hope they are recolored and touched up for the Major X prequel.

Major X #0 also has a new story included in it and drops this Wednesday.

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