WWE Raw 8/5/19 Review – Summerslam Go-Home Show

Joe comes out and stands on the desk to talk about what happened to Roman on SD. Then Becky interrupts him to team with Charlotte against Nattie and Trish, who still looks fantastic. Trish is just treated as a person – not a legend. They do a lot of nothing and Trish gets shoved by Nattie, giving the faces a win by DQ. Riveting. Rey is out to face Andrade to continue their series on SD that went nowhere. They have their usual solid match, with Rey getting a couple of spots to shine like the Canadian destroyer, before falling to a rope stunner by Zelina and the hammerlock DDT ending it.

Maria’s title win are recapped before we go to the OBGYN’s office, which is backstage and covered in a cheap purple tarp. The doctor is the NXT female ref, who gives Mike the win when he covers Maria in stirrups and counts on his back. Then Truth schoolboys him to win it. Charly has the most deadpan recap of this events in history and then Becky says that she’ll tap Nattie out and become the new hero of Canada. Nattie says that she’ll make The Man tap out.

Heyman hypes up Brock’s attack before Seth walks down like a zombie. Brock kicks Seth’s ass some more. Boy howdy does this make Seth look strong! Seth then delivers a goofy speech that should come off as epic, but doesn’t because he’s too goofy. Kurt Angle is interviewed about being a ref tonight before the Profits beatbox his theme and give him some milk. Viking Raiders destroy some jobbers.

A Harley Race video tribute airs before Cole talks about some stories with Harley and the roster offers some video tributes to him. Cedric faces Drew, but Kurt gets attacked by Bray with the mandible claw. So then after the attack by the Joker-influenced psychopath, we get a Titus charity work PSA. The OC faces Woods, Big E, and Ricochet. The heels use cheap tricks to get an edge and a Magic Killer beats Woods. Joe cuts a promo and then goes backstage before Roman gets hit by a car while in his car.

The Kabuki Warriors come out, with Kairi getting Io Shirai’s Twitter handle. Mandy beats Billie with a terrible V trigger that misses. Mandy messes up her Angel’s Wings on Asuka, but Asuka taps her with the Asuka Lock. The sorta-heel teams trap Asuka and Bliss beats Kairi with the Twisted Bliss. Miz is out in a terrible suit before hBK comes down and says that Dolph’s opponent at Summerslam isn’t him – before a Goldberg chant breaks out and he comes down to sign the match. So Goldberg’s major PPV return is done six days before the show – and it’s a Summerslam feature match to boot.

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