DC Comics Universe & Justice League #29 Spoilers & Review: Future Revealed As Justice Doom War Begins! Perpetua, Apex Lex Luthor & Legion Of Doom Win?

DC Comics Universe and Justice League #29 Spoilers and Review follows.

Future Revealed As Justice Doom War Begins!

Perpetua, Apex Lex Luthor and Legion Of Doom Win?

The book opens with the revelation that somehow Jarro the Starro has found the Legion of Doom!

Through Jarro’s narration we also get caught up on the past including Dark Metal and Justice League: No Justice events.

We then see Jarro dressed as Robin attack the Legion of Doom with…

…with a massive firearm!

We then get more Jarro exposition about the first 28 issues of this Justice League series.

Finally, Apex Lex Luthor seems to neutralizes Jarro, but…

…the Justice League enters the fray and has his back.

We then get a glimpse of the future where the Justice League loses the Justice Doom War that has just begun?!

That forces Jarro to be unleashed as Starro the Conqueror where he subdues Legion of Doom and Justice League members and has them in his thrall. This is the only way Jarro sees as preventing the Justice League future loss in Justice Doom War…

…but Batman calms him down and assures him that there is a another way.

That leads to Jarro ditching his Conqueror persona and Batman expressing some emotion for his alien Robin.

The book ends with some foreshadowing of a Jarro vs. OG Starro during Justice Doom War?

The Pulse:

An entertaining issues that elevated Jarro from punchline to player. Very nice trip down memory lane to get readers caught up on past developments heading into Justice Doom War. A pretty cool and entertaining issues with some solid art. 8 out of 10.

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