Marvel Comics Universe & Powers Of X #2 Spoilers & Review: X-Men Reboot Makes The Uncanny X-Men In All Time Frames The Villains?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Powers Of X #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

X-Men Reboot Makes The Uncanny X-Men In All Time Frames The Villains?!

Year Zero

Professor Charles Xavier / Prof. X and Moira MacTaggert / Moira X head to Island M to recruit Magneto to their cause. Professor X reveals Moira X’s powers and past lives to Magneto.

They want Magneto ally with them as in all of Moira’s past nine lives – this current timeline is her tenth life – the mutants lose to the machines eventually. In a bit of a heel turn aka a villain move, Moira X indicates she’s not interested in merely surviving, but putting mutants in the position to the world’s dominant species. Magneto likes what he hears and joins Professor X and Moira X; so, shall we call him Erik X or Magnus X now?

Year Ten

Mother Mold, a being that an create Master Molds, is looked to be stopped by Mystique, Sabretooth and Toad who stoles a drive from Damage Control contains all the info there is on her/it and Orchis. Professor X and Magneto believe Orchis’ orbital HQ is where Nimrod will become operational and charge Cyclops with an assault on the base. Cyclops also appears to turn heel since he’ll get the job done by any means necessary.

Year One Hundred

Our two new intriguing mutants, Rasputin and Cardinal, are on a mission to destroy the machines and return to Asteroid. Turns out that the “The Old Man” that Wolverine mentioned last issue is really Apocalpyse; not a real surprise if you’ve seen the teaser art or ads Marvel has put out.

They plan to take down Nimrod, but without Percival helping them be invisible again. Apocalypse assures them they will survive as long as they follow him. Apocalypse appears to remain a heel here.

Year One Thousand

The Librarian has sifted through Nimrod’s data on mutant history and the book ends with the Phalanx arriving to begin the Ascension.

The Krakoan code at the end of the book appears to read: “Once More Into The Breach”.

The Pulse:

An entertaining yet perplexing issue. Great art. 8 out of 10.

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