Marvel Comics Universe & Amazing Spider-Man #27 Spoilers & Review: All-New All-Female Sinister Syndicate Planning Their Own Year Of The Villain?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Amazing Spider-Man #27 Spoilers and Review follows.

All-New All-Female Sinister Syndicate Planning…

…Their Own Year Of The Villain?!

The Sinister Syndicate has defeated Spider-Man and captured the Boomerang (who happens to be Spider-Man’s roommate).

The new Electro has more than a year of villainy planned, but year>s.

The book ends with team leader Beetle collaborating with…

…the Kingpin!

The book ends with Spider-Man about to seek help from his friend Randy with his roommate, but…

…he’s on a date with the Beetle?!

The Pulse:

A fun story with fun art. Entertaining. 7 out of 10.

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