Transformers Ecto-35 Optimus Prime SDCC 2019 Exclusive Review

Welcome, Primates! Today we have a special treat for everyone: SDCC 2019 Transformers Ecto-35 Ghostbuster Optimus Prime! SDCC is known for their amazing boxes and this year did not disappoint. The Ecto-35 includes a lot in a single box. This set includes a Ghostbuster deco of MP-10 (Masterpiece #10) Optimus Prime, a proton pack that doubles as trailer lights, a GB deco Roller with a Muon Trap (Ghost Trap) accessory that fits over it, and…SLIMER!

The box itself can actually double as a Proton Pack that any amateur Ghostbuster could wear around the Con (or your home if that’s your thing…). You can see the straps in the pic above and the back of it in the pic below. Now, this has some major benefit at a place like SDCC. If you’ve never been, then you’ve never experienced the joy of carrying around a giant bag of oversized toy boxes in a convention hall of wall to wall geeks all stopping in the middle of the aisles to view the latest reveals. The ability to not have to carry a bad? That’s worth the $162 price tag. That said, as a collector, one wrong nerd bump and you ruined your MISB figure!

The box opens from the top to reveal the goodies inside. You can see a clear view of the figure and accessories.

The instructions were even customized a little above and beyond the normal SDCC baseline. You can see below some nice graphics on the front with the GB theme. The back is fun part with a G1-esque tech spec for GB Prime.

“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings…except ghosts.”

The toy itself has always been a favorite of mine. The Masterpiece line started with Optimus Prime, but it was a different mold. The figure was cutting edge when it came out, but it eventually became outdated and new Masterpieces shined a light on it. Hasbro “rebooted” the MPs with MP-10. This was the epitome of the line and set the standard for many MPs to come. The fans recognized that…and so did Takara and Hasbro. There are I believe 687.3 MP-10 redecos to date (obviously a slight exaggeration, but not by much). We have version for shoes, black ones, purple ones, and everything in between.

The Ghostbusters deco is a nice addition to the many other MP-10s available. It uses a nice combo of black, white, and red to make a very pretty figure. You can see a few shots of him below including a side by side with the original MP-10 (Hasbro edition).


The accessories are a very nice mashup of G1 and GB. Roller, who has been Prime’s trusty sidekick since his G1 days, combines with a Ghost Trap cover to create a “mobile” trap. The Slimer that comes with the figure is…gooey? I have no clue what it’s made out of, but the plastic is actually kind of sticky to the touch. Slimer fits on top of the trap for a neat little feature. Prime also comes with his trusty rifle, which is slightly remolded to connect to the proton pack (more on that in a moment). The last accessory lights our darkest hour: The Matrix! You can see a side by side comparison of the Matrix from MP-10 and from GB Prime. The main difference is the crystal in the middle is now green from the previous blue.

The lights on top of the trailer “transform” into a Proton Pack for the MP figure. It fits into a slot on the figure’s back and connects into the rifle. This is probably my favorite feature of the figure as he truly feels like a member of the Ghostbusters.


I couldn’t resist pulling out my Henkei Ghost Starscream figure and having Roller trap him!

All in all, this is a nice swan song for the MP-10 mold as it heads into the sunset. MP-44, the latest version of Optimus Prime, will be coming out toward the end of this month. MP-10 has seen it’s share of redecos, but this is a fitting send off as the last (maybe?) incarnation of the mold.

Ecto-35 Optimus Prime will be available 9/3 & 9/4 on, and Premium members will be able to access the exclusives a day early.


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