Marvel Comics Universe & Powers Of X #3 Spoilers: It’s A BLOODBATH! Uncanny X-Men Reboot Gets Gory?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Powers Of X #3 Spoilers follows.


Uncanny X-Men Reboot Gets Gory?!

The issue takes place at Year One Hundred. Apocalypse’s Horsemen are:

    • Wolverine is War
    • Cypher(Krakoan florish) is Famine
    • Xorn is Death
    • North (Chimera from Emma Frost and Polaris DNA)

We also have Cardinal, Rasputin and Mother.

Key goings-on from the issue:

    • Cardinal, Rasputin, Xorn and North launch an attack on The Church of Ascendancy at The Temple of Concordance.
    • Omega and her Sentinels confront them, but this attack was a diversion allowing Apocalypse, Wolverine and Krakoan Cypher to get to the data center in the Tower of Nimrod.
    • Omega kills Cardinal and North.
    • Rasputin puts a dying Xorn out of his misery by taking his helmet off that also kills Rasputin and Omega.
    • Apocalypse gives the stolen data crystal to Wolverine noting that Logan knows what to do with it.
    • Krakoan Cypher helps Wolverine escape leaving Apocalypse to fight Nimrod alone.
    • Wolverine returns to Asteroid K and opens the obelisk from last issue to unveil Mother aka Moira X / Moira MacTaggert.
    • Moira X absorbs the data with the origin of Nimrod and tells Logan that she has what she needs and that, similar to what Apocalypse said earlier, tells Wolverine he knows what to do.
    • So, Wolverine kills Moira X.
    • This marks the end of Moira X’s ninth life.

Looks like we start Moira X’s tenth life in House of X #3 next week?

These details leaked on social media yesterday, but we chose to cover this first thing on New Comic Book Day.

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