New Marvel Legends Alpha Flight & Invincible Iron Man Exclusives Announced

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This weekend at the Fan Expo in Toronto, Hasbro revealed a few new exclusives at their panel.

The first is a Fan Channel Exclusive (meaning it will not show up at big box stores like Target & Walmart) of the Stealth Invincible Iron Man. This is due out in December, and can be ordered at many places online including Entertainment Earth & Hasbro Pulse.

Up next is the Amazon Exclusive Alpha Flight 6-Pack! This set includes Aurora, Northstar, Puck, Shaman, Snowbird, & Vindicator. Puck is the only re-release in the set, and it looks like he has a slightly different head sculpt. This set is due in December, and is only available at Amazon.

And finally, something that Hasbro didn’t offically announce, but something that was leaked online, and later confirmed over the weekend by Hasbro, the Amazon Exclusive Vintage Grey Hulk! These was accidentally listed by Amazon Mexico, and some lucky collectors got their hands on him. Hasbro has confirmed that he will be fully available at a later date.

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