DC Comics Universe & Batman / Superman #1 Spoilers & Review: Plan Of The Batman Who Laughs Revealed, But The Secret Six Mystery Begins!

DC Comics Universe and Batman / Superman #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Plan Of The Batman Who Laughs Revealed…

…But The Secret Six Mystery Begins!

The book opens with the revelation of how the Batman Who Laughs killed his Superman, after decimating his Justice League, followed by a quick shorthand of his history.

We then pivot from the Dark Multiverse to the core (Light?) Multiverse of DC Comics lore and, yes, those infected by the Batman Who Laughs are called the Secret Six.

Batman and Superman meet with Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) Commissioner James Gordon who tells them that a Danny Mills was kidnapped by a Superman Who Laughs. The Worlds’ Finest do not know that Gordon is one of the Secret Six, it happened at the end of the Batman Who Laughs mini-series, but since then all of the Secret Six have been revealed even before Batman / Superman #1 hit the shelves.

Batman decides that they need to find the Batman Who Laughs base first.

A clue given them by Gordon places that base, an underground Batcave, under Crime Alley where Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed!

While there they discover how the Batman Who Laughs has infected those on Earth 0; there’s only six batarangs that were used so only six infected: the Secret Six.

Batman / Superman learn they can trust no one until they uncover the Secret Six.

The book ends with one of the many Batman Who Laugh’s Robin attacking them, but…

…it turns it this is our Earth’s Billy Batson. A boy who with mighty word becomes…

…Shazam and now the Shazam Who Laughs!

The Pulse:

A really well done first issue on story and art. Really disappointed that DC Comics’ PR department basically spoiled much of it with its interior page teaser reveals months in advance as well essentially revealing all of the infected who make up the Secret Six. If you weren’t following all that and came into this book cold it’s probably a solid 9 out of 10 read. Factoring in the teasers, etc. there is not much new in this issue of note and could credibly be a 4 out of 10 sadly.

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