Marvel Comics Universe & Marvel Comics #1000 Spoilers & Review: The Secret Origin Of The Eternity Mask & A New Series To Come In 2020! Plus Star Wars, Mircaleman & Chris Claremont?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Marvel Comics #1000 Spoilers and Review follows.

The Secret Origin Of The Eternity Mask and…

…A New Series To Come In 2020!

Plus Star Wars, Mircaleman and Chris Claremont?!

In year two we get the emergence of a mask that would become the Eternity Mask.

We then get some context about what masks mean to Marvel.

The Black Rider dons the mask 139 years ago in continuity…

…and it changes hands over time even 89 years from now.

The Eternity Mask begins getting cosmic 61 years ago…

…and achieves hat 13 years ago.

We then get a Star Wars interlude. Really.

A nod to creator Rob Liefeld’s huge 1990s impact on Marvel too.

Plus the elusive and Marvel exclusive writer Chris Claremont also has a one-page story to tell (finally).

The Young Avengers get a nod too which is intriguing in light of the upcoming December 2019 Incoming one-shot event.

One week ago we see the formation of the modern era Three X’s.

Then a Miracleman interlude or prelude it seems.

Finally, in 2019 Eternity actually has something to do with the Eternity Mask…

…as in modern days the 2020 Black Rider becomes…

…the Masked Raider wearing the Eternity Mask.

Oh, and Michael Korvac is back!

The book ends with a tribute to Marvel Comics #1000 creators…

…followed by one for Marvel’s iconic creators who have passed.

Happy birthday, Marvel.

Marvel then follows up with Marvel Comics #1001 out on October 2, 2019 per Marvel’s website.

It was originally solicited for September 25, 2019 on Previewsworld and teased even this week for September.

The Pulse:

A disjointed at times, but Herculean effort to tell one page stories set in each year for 80 years plus indicate how it fits into modern continuity with a different in-year continuity. Uh, wha? You know what I mean, right? Anyhow, great art and writer combos and a fun big read. Surpassed by expectations. 8 out of 10.

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