DC Comics Universe & Superman #14 Spoilers & Review: The Most Important Legion Of Super-Heroes (LOSH) Book Since 1958’s Adventure Comics #247!

DC Comics Universe and Superman #14 Spoilers and Review follows.

The Most Important Legion Of Super-Heroes (LOSH) Book…

…Since 1958’s Adventure Comics #247!

The Legion of Super-Heroes debuted in the Silver Age in the preceding Adventure Comics issue and debut in the modern in age in this week’s Superman issue.

The surviving Kryptonians in modern day confront the rulers of the galaxy’s worlds on Thanagar as the galaxy is fraying.

We then pivot to the recent past where the threat of Rogol Zaar is confronted as the Unity Saga appears to culminate here.

As Mr. Oz – Superman’s father Jor-El – looks on, Rogol Zaar is on the brink of defeat…

…but than Thanagar’s elite forces arrest everyone with Rogol Zaar not in any of the panels?!

Later its revealed that they may not all be under arrest, just Jor-El?

The galaxy is fraying as rulers from across the galaxy descend on Thanagar.

That includes General Zod’s family or Ursa and Lor-Zod.

Superboy has an idea rooted in Earth’s United Nations; the galaxy needs a United Federation of Planets!

Just then, the Legion of Super-Heroes travels from the future to our present to note how this day changed the future forever, that Superboy is seen as a historical visionary and…

…they want him to join the LOSH!

Here are some classic looks at the United Planets.

…as its modern incarnation forms today.

A new ongoing LOSH debuts in November 2019.

The Pulse:

An action-packed issue with compelling story and solid art. A lot here to digest and enjoy. The pieces are finally together. The Unity Saga was building to the United Planets a key bit of lore for the Legion of Super-Heroes. Unclear what happens to Rogol Zaar or Jor-El though. Perhaps next issue? 8 out of 10.

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