DC Comics Universe & Justice League #30 Spoilers & Review: Justice / Doom War Begins With A HUGE Legion Of Doom, Return Of Justice Society Of America (JSA), New Rules For DC’s Cosmology & More!

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DC Comics Universe and Justice League #30 Spoilers and Review follows.

Justice / Doom War Begins With A HUGE Legion Of Doom, Return Of Justice Society Of America (JSA)…

…New Rules For DC’s Cosmology and More!

Starman’s powers allow him to see different hypertime timelines and he has seen the Justice League lose the Justice / Doom War to Perpetua and the Legion of Doom.

So, the Justice League deputizes all of DC’s super-heroes and we have a Justice League Unlimited type roster now.

We also learn how the Speed Force, but not the other newer forces (Still, Strength and Sage), Emotional Spectrum and more work together in the multiverse.

Then we learn how their opposites makes up the Seven Hidden Energies of Creation including the Still Force, Ultraviolet Spectrum and more. Six of these have been found and now wielded by the Legion of Doom.

A transformed Apex Lex Luthor is not only Superman classic nemesis, as well as the Martian Manhunter’s in this Justice League run, but also Starman’s. Luthor’s goal is to help Doom win and therefore allow Perpetua to remake the multiverse.

Luthor is connected to the Dark Energies with this piece of the Totality; Starman is connected to the Totality as well and can use his cosmic rod to find shards of even through Hypertime.

He and the Justice League have a plan, but a mysterious figure is hidden in the Hall of Justice seemingly ready to strike.

As the Justice League forces have expanded so has the Legion of Doom during DC’s Year of the Villain. We see lots of changed villains and in some cases those changes haven’t manifested in the series they are featured in it. For example, Talon who is appearing in Nightwing appears to turn into an actual owl.

The Monitor and World Forger, brothers with the Anti-Monitor and sons of the Perpetua, set the plan in motion to send Justice Leaguers through hypertime to retrieve shards of the Totality.

After the teams go through the device to two different hypertimelines, that mystery figure attacks and the Justice League realizes it already traveled into hypertime and altered timelines?

One of the Justice League groups ends up in a post apocalyptic future of…

…Kamandi who tells them they have already lost the Justice / Doom War.

The other team travel to the past where it appears Doom has also won…

…and they are confronted by…

…the Justice Society of America (JSA).

The Pulse:

An entertaining read with decent art. I enjoyed the action, but some of this cosmology stuff is a bit dense to penetrate. I have a sense of how it all works and fits together, but it is some heady stuff. The creative team went a fair way to try to make those aspects of the issue more accessible though. Great to see the JSA back too. 7 out of 10.

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