New Power Rangers Lightning Collection Exclusive Action Figures Now Available For Pre-Order

Hasbro has 2 new exclusive Power Rangers Lightning Collection coming later this year.

First up is the In Space Psycho Blue Ranger. This will be available only at GameStop, and will include his Psycho Axe, a blast effect, and an alternate set of hands. This is due out in October, and can be pre-ordered in stores & on

Next up is the In Space Psycho Red Ranger vs. Lost Galaxy Red Ranger Fan Channel Exclusive. This set will be available pretty much everywhere except big box stores like Walmart & Target. This set pits the In Space Psycho Red Ranger against the Lost Galaxy Red Ranger, and includes an Unmasked Leo head, Quasar Dagger, Quasar Sword, Psycho Sword, extra hands for each Ranger, and a flame effect. This is due in December, and can be ordered at Entertainment Earth.

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