WWE Raw 9/2/19

Seth and Braun start things off with a contract signing for Clash of Champions before The OC interrupts and a brawl breaks out leading to the faces standing tall. This of course leads to a post-match headlock and a tag match with Anderson and Gallows facing Seth and Braun. They have a perfectly functional match until Seth gets a cradle win and MORE BRAWLING with Dolph and Roode joining forces with The OC.

Backstage, The OC beats up Cedric before Roode and Ziggler beat Hawkins and Ryder. Hawkins was in early Edge-style gear here and the heels won with the glorious DDT. Lacey beats Nattie with a woman’s right after slapping her with her hankercheif. So that was a thing that happened. Becky and Sasha yammer back and forth about “making it personal!” and then Sasha just leaves. Cedric faces Corbin with a great face vs. monster formula. You can’t go wrong with this as it’s dummy-proof, and it’s probably Corbin’s best match yet. He dominates until he misses a shoulder charge and Cedric destroys the shoulder more. The End of Days wins it and Corbin goes to the semis of the KOTR.

A wacky 24/7 Title history graphic helps make that title into more of a joke. A long Roman Reigns’ attacker recap airs. Bayley talks about teaming with Becky tonight facing Alexa and Nikki while Bayley gets low-key buried on the interview. The Viking Raiders’ jobbers this week cut a heel promo on Baltimore. These guys are right out of Memphis TV and it’s great. The Viking Experience ends it after every other major move they do is used. Joe and Ricochet have their KOTR match and pin each other to the mat after a super choke counter – resulting in a double-advance in the tourney.  Ricochet takes out Joe with the recoil.

Seth talks to Braun about Austin preventing another brawl next week. The Firely Fun House airs with the Vince doll being won over by all his merch money. Corbin says he gets a bye in the tourney only to find out that he now has a triple threat match. Rey talks to Charly about not retiring and still wrestling. Cesaro runs wild on Miz and looks fantastic before falling to the Finale. I’m sure that was worth flying over from England if you’re Cesaro. Alexa and Nikki face Becky and Bayley in a nothing match until Sasha attacks Becky for a DQ and then Bayley turns heels by hitting Becky with a chair. This is a little too late to do much with Bayley as a heel in a big spotlight, but it’s better than her treading water as a face.

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