DC Comics Universe & Doomsday Clock #11 Spoilers & Review: Ozymandias’ Plan, Doctor Manhattan Looms, Finally Legion Of Super-Heroes & Justice Society Of America Make Sense!

DC Comics Universe and Doomsday Clock #11 Spoilers and Review follows.

Ozymandias’ Plan, Doctor Manhattan Looms…

…Finally Legion Of Super-Heroes and Justice Society Of America Make Sense!

Ozymandias stands revealed!

He has an elderly Johnny Thunder of the JSA and a youthful Saturn Girl from the LOSH as prisoners.

Elsewhere, Doctor Manhattan braces for his eventual confrontation with Superman where either Doctor Manhattan or the universe will die.

Ozymandias found out about Doctor Manhattan had done…

…and tried to influence him through newer Watchmen Mime and Marionette.

Turns out, she was a regret that he changed; death became life.

We then learn how Ozymandias manipulated the new Rorschach his Mime, Marionette and Doctor Manhattan plans at the beginning of Doomsday Clock.

So, what’s Ozymandias’ plan? To save the universe that Doctor Manhattan changed AND the new universe he created?!

This world must be brought to the brink before it can be saved.

Black Adam and his country’s meta-human refugees from across the globe attack the United States and descend on the White House.

He and his forces are confronted by Superman. At the same time…

…the previous universe’s Saturn Girl vanishes from continuity as she shouldn’t exist; Superman doesn’t know her. This now allows Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium, the first issue out this week to make sense. At the same time, we learn the past of the Justice Society of America will remain unchanged or at least the JSA will be less changed than the LOSH. That makes this week’s Justice League #31 make sense.

The book ends with the confrontation teased and hyped since well before Doomsday Clock launched…

…Doctor Manhattan vs. Superman!

The Pulse:

Compelling story and amazing art. The delay of this issue was fortuitous in a sense in light of the other books out this week. Worth the wait. 9 out of 10.

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