DC Comics Universe & Doomsday Clock #11 Spoilers: How Lex Luthor Figured Out That Doctor Manhattan Changed Reality To DC Rebirth?! Plus 3 Flash!

DC Comics Universe and Doomsday Clock #11 Spoilers follows.

How Lex Luthor Figured Out That…

…Doctor Manhattan Changed Reality To DC Rebirth?! Plus 3 Flash!

In addition to the bombshells in this issue involving Ozymandias and Doctor Manhattan (full spoilers here), there’s even more this time involving the classic Superman nemesis with the LL initials. We get a recap of what’s happened to Lex Luthor in Doomsday Clock thus far particularly his interaction with Ozymandias and learning of the existence of Doctor Manhattan.

Lex Luthor tells Lois Lane that the universe revolves around him and he can prove it; he shows her a picture of Carver Colman from the 1950s. This is the actor we saw in earlier issues who died decades ago.

Two years ago Lex Luthor was tracking odd chronal energy and was in the background when Wally West the Flash returned to existence with the help of Barry Allen the Flash in DC Rebirth #1.

It turns out the photograph was the item with the chronal energy that Lex Luthor was tracking; there are several of them that are exactly the same despite the first one seemingly being from the 1930s, but the suit worn still being from the 1950s. These photos could be from the many lives and reality rebirths/redos that Doctor Manhattan had with Coleman. Lex Luthor doesn’t believe that Doctor Manhattan or whomever have left these 100% identical photos throughout time in America is doing so knowingly; bread crumbs through time is how Lex describes them.

The back matter of the book…

…focuses on these photos.

One of the photos was even found in the Silver Age when the Barry Allen Flash met the…

…Golden Age Flash in that iconic Flash of Two Worlds story from 1961’s Flash #123.

We’ll learn more when the Doomsday Clock #12 finale is solicited and then eventually when it hit stands. Could we see that in DC Comics December 2019 solicitations later this month? Fingers crossed.

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