WWE Raw 9/9/19 Recap – Raw In MSG

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The show starts off hot with Austin in MSG talking about some of his best moments in the building. He talks about being made in MSG by facing Bret Hart and then hitting Vince with a stunner a year later. Then things go down the tubes with the usual formula as THEMONSTERAMONGMEN Braun Strowman comes down. Seth comes off like a giant goober talking about the Whats with Steve Austin and loving them because Steve’s with him here. Braun then quotes Steve Austin because of course he does and they tease a brawl before the OC comes down. We get more banter and then Austin hits a stunner on AJ.

This leads to AJ vs.Cedric – so it’s a guy that’s hurt in Cedric against a guy that a legend just destroyed in AJ. Fantastic. Cedric gets 2 off a Michinoku driver and Gallows and Anderson jump Cedric before the Viking Raiders make a save. They just ran wild with all of their big double team stuff and Rowe got a chance to show off more of his offense – so this did more to get them over than all of their minute-long squashes have so far. Sasha and Bayley talk about taking out Becky and Charlotte last week, with the latter team kind of just staring at each other. Bray says he’ll host a new episode of the Funhosue later. Roman narrates a pediatric cancer video before coming out with a bunch of Connor’s Cure kids. And now it’s time for the women’s tag match with Becky and Charlotte against Bayley and Sasha.

A brawl erupts and Charlotte tries to use a chair on the heels. Charlotte plays a face in peril, and not very well, before being double teamed a ton. Thanks to Becky, the door is opened up for a natural selection on Bayley for the win. Well, Bayley’s heel turn is sure going great – but she’ll seemingly win on the PPV due to the loss here. Sara Shriber talks to The OC and AJ says that they run the place before Roode and Dolph talk down to them. Well, they’re not wrong and Dolph pitches a partnership…with the guys they just buried. Rey and Metalik have a really good, if short match. Rey’s in modified All In Wolverine gear and Metalik shines with a step-up somersault to the floor. Ropewalk snap rana gets 2 for Metalik before a step-up Code Red gets 2 for Rey. 619 and the splash end it for Rey.

Cedric chats with Seth and Braun to seemingly lead to a match with the OC. The Street Profits talk about tonight’s show before the finale of the Roman Reigns mystery hour is shown. Joe vs. Ricochet vs. Corbin is up with the winner going to the finals of the King of the Ring. Joe shines with fast strikes on both men. He chokes out Corbin on the floor and works with Ricochet for a bit. Recoil hits before a 630 comes up a bit short and Corbin tosses him into the crowd and steals the pin to win. Lacey and Nattie have another nothing match and Nattie wins this one with the sharpshooter and keeps the hold on too long. Enes Kanter’s title win and loss to Truth is shown and Truth has to defend it somehow at the PPV.

Bray says he has three new friends for the funhouse and he’ll see everyone in Hell. The OC and Dolph and Roode face the Viking Raiders, Cedric, Seth, and Braun in a 10 man tag. Seth dives onto Karl before Braun charges him over. AJ goes for a phenomenal forearm, but Cedric turns it into a lumbar check to win. Austin’s theme hits and he gets a huge pop and boy if this was the US Title match, it would feel like a big deal. Instead, Cedric got a win that was immediately overshadowed and Austin didn’t even raise his hand.