DC Comics Universe & Justice League Odyssey #13 Spoilers: A Scary Powerful Player Rises From The Dead & Rivals Darkseid?!


DC Comics Universe and Justice League Odyssey #13 Spoilers follows.

A Scary Powerful Player…

…Rises From The Dead and Rivals Darkseid?!

We get a recap at the end of last issue where Darkseid looks to recruit Cyborg, Azrael and Starfire whiles destroying Jessica Cruz Green Lantern in the process.

She sure looks dead this issue; long story short it looks her body was salvaged by a character named Okkult. Anyhow, her ring is destroyed due to Darkseid stomping her hand with fragments embedded in her bone.

However, she recovers later in the issue; the doctor posits its due to the Green Lantern ring fragment energy and Darkseid’s omega energy it’s been imbued with.

And, that looks to be true as she seems to have new non-green colored blast powers?!

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