Marvel Comics Universe & Powers Of X #4 Spoilers: Sinister Secrets Exposed!

Marvel Comics Universe and Powers Of X #4 Spoilers follows.

Sinister Secrets Exposed!

Plus some intriguing extras riddle the book!

The book opens with Professor X Charles Xavier and Magnus / Erik Lehnsherr Magneto traveling to see Mister Sinister on his secluded island.

They offer him access to all mutant DNA available in exchange for his work in cataloguing the data. To end the engagement, Professor X wipes Mister Sinister’s mind of his request; Sinister will do the work, but not remember Xavier’s role in the work as a catalyst and an eventual user.

Interestingly, it is revealed that Sinister’s mutant gene is actually John Proudstar Thunderbird’s. It is also revealed that Mister Sinister has ten secrets.

Could one be that he has be playing the role Professor X?

We then have a flashback where Professor X is with Douglas Ramsay Cypher are in Krakoa.

It is revealed that Krakoa was actually one giant island creature named Okkara that fractured into beings named Krakoa and Arakko.

The chasm between the two beings begat Apocalypse and his original Four Horsemen.

The flashback ends with Professor X revealing everything to Cypher who agrees to stay behind to develop the Krakoan language in anticipating on the arrival of the X-Men.

The issue ends 1,000 years in the future.

The Phalanx is a big threat.

However, it seems that there is something brewing within it?

Another complex issue that sucks you in.

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